Westlake Charter School’s K-8 campus is located at 2680 Mabry Drive in Natomas near the intersection of Mabry and Maybrook. Located next to Valley Oak Community, Westlake’s campus can be reached in a variety of ways.

In each section of this site you’ll find information and detailed maps that will help you get to and from campus.  We hope that by exploring this site, you’ll find a way to Westlake that works best for your family. Whether you plan to drive, walk, bike, or volunteer your time to help make traffic flow around our site, make sure to check out each page.

After you’ve had the chance to explore this site and the ways to get to Westlake, if you should have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

Thanks, and as always, Let’s Explore!

In order to travel to and from the campus as safely and efficiently as possible, a team of Natomas stakeholders representing the City of Sacramento, the North Natomas Jibe, the Natomas Park Master Association School & Parks Committee, the Natomas Unified School District and Westlake Charter School came together to review, research and develop solutions.

Our team of stakeholders is committed to accomplishing the following traffic management goals:

  1. Pedestrian Safety – Safe for all Kids:
    We want to ensure all of our neighborhood pedestrians have safe access to, from and around the school.
  2. Minimize the impact we have on traffic:
    Although all schools generate traffic at peak times and during peak events, we want to ensure Westlake has no greater impact than neighborhood schools.
  3. Have the best informed community:
    We will provide our community with the resources and information which allow them to make thoughtful and safe commute decisions.

Our team of stakeholders is committed to accomplishing the team goals through three primary actions:

  1. Know the Roads:
    There are several ways to get to our campus and each way has a route that works better than others. By knowing the roads, you’ll know the recommended ways to get to school.
  2. Know the Rules:
    In order to help keep traffic moving and our community safe, we ask that you follow certain rules – from where to park, to where to drop off your student.
  3. Live the Core Values:
    By living Westlake’s Core Values including Responsibility, Respect and Stewardship, we can make sure we move around campus safely are are good neighbors.

Explorers, by living our Core Values when travelling to and from campus you’ll help keep our students and streets safe.

  1. Respect: Please be respectful of our neighborhood and Ways to Westlake rules.
  2. Excellence: Be the best Explorer you can be.
  3. Responsibility: Please make good decisions as you travel to and from campus.
  4. Gratitude: Let’s show thanks to our community for supporting our school.
  5. Inquiry: If you have a question about how to get to and from campus, please ask!
  6. Joyful Learning: There are lots of ways to get to the new campus – be sure to check them all out!
  7. Global Perspective: Daily walking and biking can have a positive impact on our world.
  8. Stewardship: Care for the community, neighborhood, and campus.
  9. Perseverance: If travelling to campus doesn’t work one way, try another!
  10. Reflection: After you’ve had the chance to try a few different ways, think about the best options for your family.