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Recently approved Explorer Partners

Lottereases’ digital lottery solution helped Westlake Charter School collect and process enrollment applications for the 2019/20 school year.

Farmers Insurance
The Farmers Insurance team donates coffee and related supplies to Westlake Charter School on a regular basis. Thank you Farmers for your support!

Noe Lopez, Vanir
Noe Lopez and the Vanir team help maintain out site on a regular basis. Noe is quick, responsive and always willing to help keep our campus looking sharp!

Kalpesh Patel, Marshall Real Estate
Kalpesh ‘Kal’ Patel is a dedicated volunteer-partner. Kal volunteers in the parking lot every morning – rain or shine! – and helps students safely exit vehicles. Thank you Kal!

The Olympus team helped develop Westlake Charter School’s After-School Live sports playbook. If you like the ASL program – make sure to thank the Olympus team!

Dutch Bros.
Dutch Bros. is an amazing community partner. For the past few years the Woodland location has donated hot chocolate and assorted yumminess to our school for the annual Coco Train. Thank you Dutch Bros.!

Da Vinci Charter School
Thank you Da Vinci Charter School staff for meeting with our team and talking about your program. The student ambassadors provided great insight! Thank you Da Vinci team!

John Adams Academy
The John Adams Academy (JAA) team recently hosted a small team from Westlake Charter School. Our team is exploring local high-performing High Schools, and the JAA team was kind enough to open their doors to us – thank you JAA team!

The Met Sacramento
The kind staff at The Met Sacramento, including Principal Denise Lambert, hosted staff from Westlake Charter School. Our team continues to explore what a Westlake High School might look like – thank you for hosting us!

B. Teri Burns
Thank you Teri Burns for being a long-time advocate for students in Natomas and beyond! Your work in and outside of the Boardroom has made a tremendous, positive impact on our school and community – thank you!

KS Telecom
The KS Telecom team has helped Westlake Charter School on numerous occasions with all things voice, intercom and speaker related. Things sound great around our campus because of them – thank you!

NUSD Maintenance Team
The NUSD Maintenance Team has been extremely responsive in times of critical need, most recently during the tragic Camp Fire. Their team helped close the HVAC dormers so our students would have a healthy indoor environment – thank you team!

All Explorer Partners

The CleanIT team is simply amazing! They work after most of us have gone home to keep our classrooms and campus looking sharp. Thank you CleanIT team!

Dream Enrichment
Dream Enrichment provides Chess Academy and Early Engineers, both of which are enrichment classes for our Explorers. They also provide a number of student scholarships.

Echo Print
Echo Print has been a partner of Westlake Charter School for years. They help create some of our awesome school-spirit wear – thank you!

Fancy Feet Dance Academy
Fancy Feet provides enrichment classes for our Explorers. They also give a number of our students scholarships.

Glow Girls
Syni provides Glow Girls, an after-school enrichment program. She also offers student scholarships.

The Jibe team has helped Westlake Charter School for years! Their volunteers spend countless hours helping to develop positive walk, bike and skate habits! Thank you Jibe team!

Natomas Music Square
Natomas Music Square provides Kids Rock and Ukulele enrichment classes for our Explorers. They also provide a number of student scholarships.

Rachel Songer – Glee & Drama
Rachel offers Glee and Drama enrichment classes. She offers student scholarships and puts on an end-of-session performance for the community.

STEMtrunk provides Maker Minecraft and Intro to Robotics, both of which are enrichment classes for our Explorers. They also offer a number of student scholarships.

Sweaty Shelly Natomas Dance and Fitness
Sweaty Shelly provides some great enrichment opportunities to our students. Come check out the program and some of the amazing things they do! Thank you!

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Westlake Charter School’s mission is to demonstrate what is possible when school and community collaborate. Our #ExplorerPartners help bring this mission to life everyday by partnering with our school.