BASE is Westlake Charter School’s Before and After School Explorers program. We serve students from Transitional Kindergarten through 8th grade, across 4 campuses in Natomas. Our program is supported by a team of highly diversified staff that brings with it a variety of cultures, languages, and life experiences.

Important Dates and Information for 2017/18
August 1st: NP3 elementary students will return to 4400 East Commerce Way for the 2017/2018 School Year. BASE will open at 7 AM.

August 7th: STAR students will return to 4004 Gloster Way for the 2017/18 school year. BASE will open at 7 AM on August 7th and 8th, and will be open until 6pm. BASE will open for the 2017/18 School Year at 7am on August 9th.

August 11th: Last day of Summer Program for WCS students.

August 14th and 15th- BASE is CLOSED for WCS Students ONLY.

August 16th: BASE opens for WCS students at 2680 Mabry Drive at 7am.

You can find the 2017/18 Registration Packet on the right-hand side of this page. The front page of the packet contains important information regarding the registration process. If you have questions after reviewing the forms and information sheet, please email for assistance.

Thank you for your interest in our program and we look forward to meeting you!

Why choose BASE?
– We operate a high-quality program
– We provide excellent customer service
– Our staff are trained, knowledgeable, and friendly

How are we different from other after-school programs?
– We use student and parent feedback to better meet the needs of our students
– We’re open during school breaks and Summer (with the exception of major holidays)
– BASE staff work with school staff to better assist students
– We are a “drop-in” program
– There are no waiting lists – we’ll staff to fit the program need
– We have low student to staff ratios