Westlake Charter School’s Board Committees are standing committees that perform focused work for the Regular Board.  Committees are an essential part of our governance team, and allow the Board to conduct thoughtful, technical, work.  The WCS Board currently has four committees: Development, Finance, Governance and Impact.  Additional details on each committee can be found below, as well as meeting packets for the respective committees.

Development Committee

The Development Committee supports the growth of our Explorer Partner program.  This committee creates business partnerships, fundraises in support of school initiatives, and promotes connectedness within our community.

Development Meeting Packets

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee supports the Board with their fiduciary duties and strategies objectives.  This committee reviews the interim and final budgets; compensation for our certificated staff; and fiscal-related board policies.

Finance Meeting Packets

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee supports the Board with strategic oversight and planning.  This committee reviews proposed legislation and its anticipated impact; recruits board and committee members; and leads the Board in professional development including Brown Act training.

Governance Meeting Packets

Impact Committee

The Impact Committee guides work in support of the school’s charter and strategic plan.  This committee measures the impact of the WCS’ mission; reviews the impact and outcome of programs that align with the strategic plan; and assists with the drafting of key documents to reflect the vision of the Board.

Impact Meeting Packets


For more information, including prior meeting agendas and minutes, please call the Westlake School office at (916) 567-5760 or email WCS at [email protected].