Westlake Charter School

Westlake Charter School students are EXPLORERS! Our curriculum focuses on diversity and appreciation of different cultures, while promoting academic excellence and foreign language acquisition. We offer various specialty classes to all of our students including Art, Physical Education, and Spanish. Our middle school program builds on the foundation of our elementary program, combines technology with project-based learning, and is committed to your student’s success. Westlake Charter School has small class sizes of approximately 22 students in K-3rd grade, and 28 students in 4th-8th grade.

First time visitors to Westlake Charter School often remark, “What a warm and inviting school!” Creating a school that is caring and open is absolutely critical in working successfully with our children and families. Students who feel safe, secure, and appreciated gain a love of learning and will be successful scholars.

Westlake Charter School’s professional staff are relentless in seeking and implementing research-based best practices that engage every student. Our lessons are hands-on and differentiated to meet the diverse needs of all students. Our teachers display a never-ending commitment to improving their own expertise. Furthermore, we would not be as successful without the support and involvement of our parents. WAVE, our parent group, is outstanding in helping us achieve our goals by volunteering their time in class, fundraising for our unique programs, and providing endless words of encouragement and support. Our school team is second to none!

WCS’s primary mission is to prepare students with the skills necessary for life-long learning by providing a physically and emotionally safe learning environment that supports academic risk-taking, invites student participation and structures cooperative learning experiences.

Now that you know a little more about our program, we would encourage you to reach out and connect with us in-person, or through one of our social media channels.