If you’d like to park16-4-1 NNTMA Parking Map and walk on to campus, we’d ask that you park in Green Zones and avoid parking in Red Zones.  To make it easier on our families, Green Zones can be identified as wide city streets (Mabry and others) and should be used while parking to come on campus.  Please do not park on residential streets (Hoyt, Rockmont and others) as these are the Red Zones.

Our parking lot can nearly hold all of our staff, and there are no onsite parking spots reserved for families.

Know the Roads16-4-1 NNTMA Parking Map

When driving to the campus to drop-off your student, please follow these three rules:

  1. Use the Green Zones and queuing rules for entering the parking lot.
  2. Park in the Green Zones only, and see #3 below
  3. Avoid parking on Mabry from Portage Rd. to the school’s parking lot entrance.


Know the Rules16-4-1 NNTMA Parking Map

  1. There is no parking in the Parking Lot during arrival from 7:55 AM through 8:45AM nor during dismissal from 30 minutes prior to dismissal to 30 minutes after. If you are dropping off or picking up from BASE before and after the times above, you may park along the curb in the student drop off zone.
  2. If you are parking your car in a Green Zone to allow your student to walk to or from school, please park at least two blocks from school. The Green Zone parking spots that are near the campus are intended for parents walking on to campus.
  3. Please: Do not park in Red Zones, block crosswalks, nor block the driveways of our neighbors.