Enrollment Application Information

Westlake Charter School’s (grades K-8) application and enrollment period for the 2017-18 school year concluded at 3:00 PM on January 31, 2017.  No late applications will be accepted.


Q: When does the enrollment period begin?
A: Our enrollment period begins on December 1, 2017 with the release of our lottery applications. Lottery applications are available at the front office or by going to www.joinwestlake.com during the lottery application period.  Completed lottery applications are due on or before January 31, 2018. Please refer to the lottery application for additional important information.

Q: What information is required for the lottery application?
A: To apply for the lottery, no information is required other than a completed lottery application.

Q: Can I mail or fax my lottery application in?
A: No. We require all applications to be returned in person so that we may give you the lottery number for your student. This lottery number also serves as your confirmation.

Q: Can I take a tour of the campus?
A: We will have campus observation days in January. Please contact the school for more information. Each guided tour takes approximately 1 hour. No appointment is necessary. Please make arrangements for childcare for your children as this is a parent only observation.

Q: What is the age requirement for enrollment for kindergarten?
A: State law requires that incoming kindergarten students are 5 years of age on or before September 1, 2018. We will not accept any lottery applications for students who don’t meet the state requirement.

Q: When is the lottery?
A: The lottery is scheduled for 5:30 pm on March 5, 2018.  The lottery will be held at 2680 Mabry Drive, Sacramento, CA 95835. The lottery is open to the public, however children are not allowed. You do not need to be present.

Q: If we are not able to attend the lottery how do we find out if our number is chosen?
A: Lottery results will be posted on Friday, March 9, 2018. We will post the results on our website and at our campus. We will not give results over the phone.

Q: How many openings will you have in the lottery?
A: The only known openings will be 105 in kindergarten.  For all other classes we will draw numbers for the 2018-19 waitlists. Should an opening become available we will contact families in order of the waitlist number. Each family is given 24 hours to accept enrollment before we move to the next family on the waitlist.

Q: Can I put my child on the waitlist?
A: Once our lottery is complete and waitlists are generated we can add students to the waitlist in the order that the request(s) are received.

Q: Can I volunteer or make a financial donation to the school to increase my student’s chances in the lottery?
A: You are always welcome to volunteer at Westlake Charter School and to participate in any community or fundraising event.  However, it is illegal for us to accept volunteer time or financial contributions in exchange for lottery preference.

Why enroll at Westlake Charter School?

If you are new to Charter Schools, you may not know that Westlake Charter School is a public, tuition-free school just like the school down the street. Charter Schools have flexibility in being able to offer individualized programs, and Westlake Charter School, offers Art, Spanish and Physical Education – instructed by credentialed teachers – to all students, starting in Kindergarten and continuing through 8th grade. Westlake Charter has the smallest class sizes in Natomas, and has been recognized by the California Department of Education for our Project Based Learning instructional model.

Charter Schools are held to the same accountability measures as traditional schools, meaning that we need to make sure we are providing challenging programs and increasing the academic excellence of all of our students.

As you look to establish or continue the educational path for your child, you may also wish to review other external sources, such as:
The California Department of Education – where you can see where Westlake was one of only a handful of schools to win the prestigious Gold Ribbon Award
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