Welcome to Westlake Charter High School!

Westlake Charter High School is set to open its doors in the Fall of 2021.  WCHS will welcome the Class of Freshman Explorers who will be the first graduating class in 2025! Click here to apply!

Westlake Charter High School is an extension of our Westlake Charter Mission Statement:
We demonstrate what is possible when school and community collaborate to create inspiring adults with the academic and social-emotional readiness to lead as Global Citizens.

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Academic Program

Watch this video of your High School Principal, Mrs. Battin, and WCS Executive Director, Mr. Eick, describe the WCHS learning program.

In this next video Mrs. Battin and Mr. Eick describe the Academic and Social-Emotional Learning students can expect at WCHS.

Explorer coursework
The academic program at WCHS has been designed in alignment with the UC and CSU system to ensure our graduates meet and exceed freshman admissions criteria. All WCHS core academic courses will be approved by the University of California and include the 15 a-g courses required by UC’s for freshman admission. 12 of these courses must be taken before the fall of the senior year.

College Proven Graduates
WCHS is taking college preparation one step further. All WCHS students will graduate college proven meaning all students will pass one developmentally appropriate college course. Planning is underway with American River College’s to support the delivery of college courses for WCHS students at no cost to the student. These courses will be taken during the regular school day at no cost to the student.

Flex Blocks
WCHS’s daily 4×4 bell schedule has been designed to center our focus on personalization. Daily Flex Blocks have been built into the bell schedule to support personalization to allow additional time for learning, social emotional learning, intervention and extension. During the Flex Block, some students may participate in a targeted math tutorial, while others are complete Honors coursework, while others work on an online college course. Flex Blocks also allow our teachers the unique opportunity to meet our diverse students’ academic and social emotional needs, during the school day.

Embedded Honors
WCHS students who intend to compete with the most high achieving high school graduates for freshman college admission must complete the most rigorous course of study offered at WCHS. All students at WCHS have the opportunity to take UC approved honors courses. Honors courses are available for students to take beginning in the 11th grade year.

We approach the inclusion of all students with our commitment to personalization, by using a multi-tiered system of support to ensure that each student is provided the support they need for as long as it is needed. WCHS will replicate the successful system that has been implemented in our K-8 program. Similar structures and the same methodologies will be utilized to support inclusion and personalization at high school.

Social-Emotional Learning


If you have any questions or would like additional information on our High School, please email us at [email protected] and we will answer you as quickly as possible!