Resources for Home and School for Our Gifted Students

Math Resources

The National Society for Gifted and Talented and Exquisite-Minds  websites have very comprehensive lists of online math resources for GATE students.  These exhaustive lists have many ideas for supplementing and extending math standards for gifted students at home and at school.

The Kid Story: A Gifted Kid’s Guide to Life

The Kid Story is a comprehensive website for gifted students with links to resources in all subject areas and for all age levels of students.  There also suggested books and games for gifted students.  

Wednesday GATE Sessions – April

Theme:  “Journey”  

“Life as a Metamorphic/Sedimentary/Igneous Rock:” Second, third, and fourth grade students completed their informational rock science books, which included the informational text features studied.  They will present their books to GATE peers and then display them in the library for all student viewing. This month, second, third, and fourth grade students will also design their own metamorphic/sedimentary/igneous rock. This portion of the project utilizes students’ gained knowledge and facts regarding rock types and will display their creativity!  It will lead into a creative writing project the following month.

“Night at the Museum: Exploring Our World Through Literature:” Students continue reading throughout the month of April.  Rich discussions on vocabulary, character development, and plot summaries are in full swing as students make connections between reading their novels and historical content covered in grade-level curriculum.