About Us


Westlake Charter High School is built on decades of experience, a culture of collaboration, and Westlake Charter School’s long-standing educational philosophy. In addition to these foundational beliefs, Westlake Charter High School offers programs uniquely crafted for students in grades 9-12. The academic program at WCHS has been designed in alignment with the University of California and California State University systems to ensure our graduates meet and exceed college admissions criteria. All WCHS core academic courses meet the University of California a-g requirements for freshman admission.

Principal’s Welcome

Dear Explorer Families,

I feel privileged to be a part of the administration team serving Westlake Charter School this year.  Our mission statement is:

We demonstrate what is possible when school and community collaborate to create inspiring adults with the academic and social-emotional readiness to lead as global citizens.

As we guide our high school students towards their graduation, this mission statement will come alive on our campus. Through a balanced focus on developing academic and social-emotional skills, students will graduate from Westlake Charter High School as inspiring adults who are truly ready to lead as global citizens.

For more information on the policies and programs of Westlake Charter High School, please review the family handbook links on the webpage.  If you need to reach me, please call the front office (916) 567-5780 or email me at [email protected]. I am excited for this school and our collaboration.

Let’s Explore


Emily Battin
Westlake Charter High School Principal