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Westlake Charter High School’s 4-year plan and academic program ensure all students graduate having met or exceeded the CSU and UC’s A-G requirements and are prepared for college and career. All core content coursework is aligned to A-G and aims to prepare students for college.

College and Career Proven

  • UC approved Honors Courses are offered in all subject areas 
  • All students will take and pass one developmentally appropriate college course
  • All students will have access to advanced college level offerings
  • Students will have access to Career and Technical Education Pathways
  • College course are taken on our high school campus

A-G Graduation Requirements

A. History/Social Science

  • 50 Credits for Graduation Requirement
  • 20 Credits for UC/CSU A-G Requirements

B. English

  •  40 Credits for Graduation Requirement
  • 40 Credits for UC/CSU A-G Requirements

C. Mathematics

  • 30 Credits for Graduation Requirement/li>
  • 30 Credits for UC/CSU A-G Requirements

D. Science

  • 30 Credits for Graduation Requirement – 10 Life and 20 Physical
  • 30 Credits for UC/CSU A-G Requirements

E. Language Other Than English

  • 20 Credits for Graduation Requirement
  • 20 Credits for UC/CSU A-G Requirements

F. Visual Performing Arts

  • 10 Credits for Graduation Requirements
  • 10 Credits for UC/CSU A-G Requirements

G. College-Preparatory Elective

  • 10 Credits for Graduation Requirements
  • 10 Credits for UC/CSU A-G Requirements
    (Any course that exceeds the requirement in Categories “A-F” will also count as a “G” Elective)

H. Elective

  • 40 Credits for Graduation Requirements
    Any course that exceeds the minimum subject requirement will count as Elective credit


  • 20 Credits for Graduation Requirements

J. College Proven

  • 10 Credits  for Graduation Requirement – 1 college course


Minimum 260 Credits for Graduation Requirement.  More information on WCHS’ Graduation Requirements can be found here.

Graduate Profile

WCS Graduate Profile

4-Year Planning

All families participate in 4 year planning with their student each year of high school. This four year planning work is led by each student advisory teacher and our counselor 

Ms. Daud
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