BASE Homework Club!

At our Del Paso campus, The BASE Homework Club is in full swing. Students work on their homework every day when at BASE. There is supportive staff on hand to help with any questions and they ensure that the students are focusing on their homework instead of on social topics. One they are done with homework, they have to do their reading. If they finish that, then the staff provides the students with additional work such as sight words, spelling words, and math facts. This is also true for students who do not have homework that day.

At our Pebblewood campus, the students have as much time as they need to complete their assignments, including an hour of quiet study time. There is also helpful staff available to help answer questions. We are currently working with the teachers to get extra work for the students to do when they are done with their homework and reading.

Here at BASE, we strive to help the students achieve to the best of their abilities and to take away some of the stress for parents who already have busy evenings ahead of them.