WAVE Officers: 2019/2020

Amber Hustead, President


The President shall provide vision and direction for carrying out the mission of WAVE. It is the responsibility of the President to oversee all functions and business of WAVE and to lend support to various planning teams and subcommittees by assuring the allocation of all necessary resources to achieve their goals. The president is the official representative of WAVE to the school administration and facilitates regular meetings with the Executive Director and Principal, the WCS Board of Directors and WAVE members. In addition the President is responsible for setting the agenda for monthly WAVE meetings.

Rocio Owens, Vice President of Business Affairs


The VP of Business Affairs shall assist the President and carry out the President’s duties in his or her absence or inability to serve. It is the responsibility of the VP to oversee all major WCS fundraisers including the Fall Festival, International Festival and Olympic Triathlon. Additionally, the VP will oversee all hospitality and community building events and review new business proposals/contracts for Executive Board discussion and/or approval.

Jessica Wilson, Vice President of Parent Participation


The VP of Parent Participation shall create and maintain a list of current committee leads, facilitate committee lead transitions and advertise for vacant committee positions. The VP will also encourage new ways for W.A.V.E. members to be involved and meet their recommended family hour goal.

Shari Kantor, Treasurer


The Treasurer is responsible for receiving and disbursing all monies, keeping an accurate account of the receipts and disbursements and submitting oral and written financial reports at all WAVE Board Meetings. The Treasurer creates an annual budget based on the WAVE calendar of events and Board requirements.

Veronica Hernandez, Secretary


The Secretary works with the President to prepare and monitor meeting agendas and complete meeting minutes which are presented at the monthly WAVE meetings for approval. The Secretary prepares all official WAVE correspondence and assists team members as needed.