Parent Volunteer Hours

Participating in our children’s education and developing the strong sense of community that comes from working with others toward a common goal are central to the mission and vision of Westlake Charter. Parents’ active participation is vital to the challenging work of educating all children at Westlake Charter.

We ask families to contribute a minimum of 30 hours per school year, or 10 hours a trimester, in the classroom or an equivalent amount of time serving on a committee. The 30 hours is per family – parents, grandparents, and other adult family members or guardians can contribute. It is 30 hours total regardless of how many children you have attending the school.

It is important to continue recording your hours even after you’ve reach 30+ hours because the TOTAL number of parent hours is used for grant writing applications and it shows overall level of parent participation. Furthermore, WAVE has instituted a number of incentives to recognize those families who go above and beyond 30 hours. Posting all of your hours will ensure that you and your children will be properly recognized for your generous contributions of time.

What Qualifies as Volunteer Hours?

If your activity contributes toward the betterment of the school as a whole (or a class), it counts toward your volunteer hours. If it is work for your own child or family, it does not count toward your hours.

Things that count:

  • Attending WAVE meetings and committee meetings;
  • Emailing, researching, phoning, etc. for a committee;
  • Helping to plan and carry out an event for a class or the school;
  • Using your skills and contacts to help the school progress;
  • And so much more! If in doubt, JUST ASK by emailing