October Break is only a few days away! If you are still looking for an affordable, engaging, and fun place for your kids to spend the break, send them to BASE! We have a ton of fun stuff in store for October Break and we can’t wait to share it with your kiddos. Take a look at what we have planned…

**Monday, October 5th**

Builders Challenge:

Students will learn about propulsion by creating their own balloon driven cars, make catapults, learn basic engineering concepts, and more.

**Tuesday, October 6th**


Not your usual arts and crafts! Students will take art to new levels by using traditional mediums like crayons and paper in non-traditional ways, as well as using recyclable materials to make art out of what life leaves behind. Students will truly get to show their creative side!

**Wednesday, October 7th**

DIY or Sports:

This day is full of choices. Students can make their own bouquet and vase, chalk, drink coasters and wall hangings, or if none of that interests them, they can go play dodge ball, capture the flag and other fun sports.

**Thursday, October 8th**


The day starts with a pancake breakfast, followed by home made spaghetti sauce, and finishes with some yummy rice crispy treats, all made by our junior chefs!

**Friday, October 9th**

Fall Festival:

Carnival Games! Prizes! Face Painting! Potluck Lunch! 

All campuses will come together for October Break on our Del Paso Campus (3800 Del Paso Rd, 95834). Rates are $6.50 per hour, but you will not pay more than $30.00 per student each day. So whether you need the whole week, want to pick and choose what days to come, or just need a few hours to get some errands done, we welcome you!